New Biosensor Could Detect Parkinson’s..

New Biosensor


As we are all well aware, our technologies are getting smaller and smaller. From phones to TVs to computers, the electronic world is all about getting lighter and diving into the world of the microscopic. And the same is true of the medical industry.

Case in point, researchers at the National Nanotechnology Laboratory (LNNano) in Brazil have developed their own nano-scale biosensor capable of detecting certain cancers and neurodegenerative diseases.

Carlos Cesar Bof Bufon, one of the researchers involved in the project, stresses that their device isn’t just portable, but also more effective as a sensor. He explains, “the device can detect such molecules even when they’re present at very low levels in the examined material, thanks to its nanometric sensitivity.”

“Platforms like this one can be deployed to diagnose complex diseases quickly, safely and relatively cheaply, using nanometer-scale systems to identify molecules of interest in the material analyzed,” says Bof Bufon.

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